COVID19…Amidst the conundrum and the chaos. Daily musings of an ID Doc. April 8, 2020.

I spend a good bit of time at the hospital’s COVID19 ward. Between making rounds and donning/doffing PPEs plus the necessary evil of writing down the notes after reviewing patients’ labs, putting orders and updating their family over the phone or sometimes on FaceTime, these consume the better part of my day. On those long hours there hanging out with the staff, I do not hear any complains from them. None from the dedicated and capable nurses there, Sloan or Shane or Hanna or Shelton or Bailey nor from the certified nursing assistants out there, Recheo or Ashley or Cheienne nor from the respiratory therapist, Chris, nor from the unit secretary, Lily. They perform their respective duties in a professional and methodological way. These are the unsung heroes on the fight against this thing. I am proud to go to battle with these folks. They make this team strong and capable.

A team is only as strong as the weakest or least powerful person. Their respective roles are no less important than ours. This was proven the other day when we had a dire situation with one of the C19 patients needing immediate critical care. The patient was stabilized in less than 10 minutes. Everyone knew their assigned roles and everything was done flawlessly. I have never been so proud of this team.

If RMC truly stood for Raul Magadia Center, I would give these guys a pay raise. But it does not.

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